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If you meet at least one of our eligibility criteria and would like to become a program participant, you must submit a completed application to be evaluated by the program staff. SSS serves approximately 200 undergraduates (freshmen to seniors) each year. This is a voluntary support service, thus only by returning an application in a timely fashion do you begin the process to secure a place in the WVU SSS Program. While applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis, priority consideration will be provided to students who submit applications in the spring (April/May) of each year.

By applying to SSS, you will be taking a giant step toward assuring your success at West Virginia University.

Click here to access our online application:  SSS Application


Student Support Service programs are designed to serve undergraduate college students who meet specific program requirements. To be eligible for admission to WVU’s SSS program, students must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Income: Each year, the U.S. Department of Education publishes guidelines which define low income based on family size. Click here for income guidelines.
  2. First Generation College Student: First generation college students are defined as those whose parents or legal guardians have not completed a Bachelor’s degree (neither father, mother, nor legal guardian(s) has graduated from a four-year institution).
  3. Disability: Disability refers to students with a physical or mental impairment which limits a major life activity. This includes learning disabilities. Such disabilities must be documented with the WVU Office of Accessibility Services.


What are the perks of being an SSS participant?

Some of the FREE services and programs we provide include:

  • Individualized tutoring : SSS participants are eligible for free one-on-one tutoring in a variety of academic disciplines including math, English, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, accounting, economics, philosophy, and foreign languages. SSS also provides tutoring in other areas if at all possible. The tutoring staff consists of graduate and undergraduate students who have successfully completed the courses they are tutoring. During tutoring sessions, tutors will also provide peer advising with SSS students as needed in regard to time management, study skills, test taking anxiety, as well as other issues that may be affecting a student’s academic achievement.
  • Assistance with the financial aid process : Each program participant is assigned an SSS counselor who will sit down with you and assist you with your application for financial aid, and assist you in understanding your award package fromWVU. Counselors will also assist you in identifying alternative forms of aid available to college students.
  • Academic Advising : SSS participants who are general studies or pre-studies majors are advised by SSS professional staff members who are trained by the Undergraduate Academic Services Center. During pre-registration, participants meet with their SSS advisor to plan their schedules based on University requirements and student interests. SSS staff takes the time to explore with each student the trends in employment, areas of interest, high skill areas, and prospective career paths. They will also review the student’s high school and college records as appropriate and work with the SSS participant to develop the most effective plan toward achieving graduation.
  • Variety of activities, events, and program : SSS participants will have the opportunity to take advantage of variety of a social activities, cultural events, and academic programs. Examples include:
    • Social activities– bowling, pizza parties, picnics, movie nights, trips
    • Cultural events– theatre tickets, concerts, dinner programs
    • Academic programs– time management, mid-term/finals preparation, stress reduction

      To learn more about this semester’s programs and events, go to SSS News and Events.
  • Computer workstations : As an SSS participant, you will be able to take advantage of our office computer work stations, which includes free printing for all of our students.
  • Personal one-on-one support from trained SSS professional : Each SSS participant is assigned a counselor who meets with students at least once a semester to provide assistance.